A Look at the Slot Game, Dungeon Tower

Peter & Sons, another company, has partnered with Yggdrasil Gaming to use the latter’s Game Engagement Mechanics (GEM) to add a number of desirable features to their games. Games like Gigablox, Splitz, and MultiMAX are also included. Dungeon Tower, the next installment in Microgaming’s popular online slot series, has MultiMAX, a feature that gives each reel its own progressive multiplier as seen in games like Multifly! and Crystal Falls. The function has proven effective in the past, so let’s examine Peter & Sons’ implementation of it.

Players enter a dark, underground realm full with gears, cobwebs, and creatures by clicking the arrow on the dungeon entrance on the main menu. Dungeon Tower has a good grade of artwork, but it lacks Peter & Sons’ signature graphic style. In its stead are sprites that are more gently rendered, like in Relax Gaming’s Snake Arena. However, there is a lot of information to take in when playing Dungeon Tower, and free spins take players to a lower level of the dungeon where, of all things, lava bubbles and glistens. Dungeon Tower is an aesthetically pleasing game, but it lacks the signature Peter & Sons style that some fans may be expecting for.

The grid for the game is a 5-reel, 5-row arrangement that rests on a movable pillar in the center of the room. To win, players must land at least three identical symbols in a vertical or horizontal line, which can begin at any point on the board. Dungeon Tower is a highly unpredictable slot machine with many RTP models, the best of which awards 96.1%. Bets range from 20 pence to £/€50 each spin, and it may be played on any device from a tablet to a desktop computer.

When you cross over to the payable side, you’ll find eight tiles that pay off regularly. The lower-paying icons are the Js and As, while the higher-paying spiders, rats, skeletons, and goblins are all imprinted on rocks. For the four royals, a 5-of-a-kind line is worth 0.7 times the bet, while for the high-paying cards, it’s worth 1.1 to 2.3 times the wager. When substituting for other symbols in a winning combination, wilds are worth as much as the highest-paying goblin symbol.

Slot Machine Features: Dungeon Tower

Oops, we forgot to mention Dungeon Tower, which supposedly tells the tale of a long-lost tower in the bowels of Mount Argol, where monsters protect the wealth of a once-mighty monarch. Players may use tools like cascades, MultiMAX, and Monster Free Spins to increase their chances of winning a share of this loot.


When a winning combination of symbols appears, the losing ones are vanished. Then, between one and three wild symbols are randomly assigned to the empty slots, and the remaining spaces are filled with symbols cascading down from above, potentially resulting in a fresh victory. When there are no more successes, the chain reaction stops.


Each reel had its own unique multiplier. The reel multiplier above a wild symbol in the cascade process is increased by 1 before subsequent symbols fall into position. All winnings in a vertical direction are multiplied by the highest multiplier. When calculating payouts for horizontal combinations, all multipliers from the triggering reels are added together. The multipliers are reset to 1 after each spin of the base game.

Wild Free Turns

Scatters earned by landing 3, 4, or 5 times during the main game trigger 7, 9, or 11 Monster Free Spins. The free spins feature operates just like the regular game, with the exception that the reel multipliers do not reset in between rounds.

Golden Gamble with Cost-Free Turns

Players may use the Golden Bet and/or bonus purchase if they so want. The Golden Bet ups the ante by 20%, making free spins more likely to occur. Free games may be purchased for 80 times the initial wager if the buy button is available. Once purchased, your spin count will fluctuate between 7 and 11.

Resolved: Slots in the Dungeon Tower

The collaboration between Yggdrasil and Peter & Sons has been rather productive, with Gigablox being utilized in Monster Blox and now MultiMAX being used in Dungeon Tower by the Armenian studio. In most respects, MultiMAX has been put to good use in Dungeon Tower, which means that the astounding multiplication capability shown in games like Multifly! is theoretically conceivable here as well. This time around, Peter & Sons has partnered it with a pay-anywhere line system that is well-suited to MultiMAX, however winning lines in the vertical direction only receive a single multiplier instead of the cumulative impact that is seen in the horizontal direction.

Both the victory line system and the aesthetic of Dungeon Tower are novel for this genre of game. Peter & Sons has not skimped on the design or taken any shortcuts, and the resulting view is a pleasing one. Although Dungeon Tower’s graphic design isn’t particularly characteristic of Peter & Sons, the game’s whimsical, critter-in-a-castle atmosphere is. Even if the studio deviates from its customary manner, fans of that aesthetic are likely to still like the film. Dungeon Tower’s technological capabilities, which, when they’re going ballistic, can deliver winnings as high as 20,000x the stake, are unaffected by this fact; it’s simply, different, let’s leave it at that. It appears that the aforementioned great king hid a substantial amount of treasure.

So, Dungeon Tower isn’t a model of what a typical Peter & Sons game looks like, but it’s every bit as fun to play! The studio has added a huge win number and revitalized the experience using the MultiMAX mechanism but with a slightly modified pay scheme. The animals guarding the riches may be charming, but they are nonetheless dangerous.

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